The Cost Of Using A Bail Bond Agent

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The Cost Of Using A Bail Bond Agent

12 January 2021
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

An arrest leads to a trip to jail, where the police lock you up until further notice. You can get out of jail only if the court approves it or allows it, and your primary objective might be to find a way out quickly. Using a bail bond agent provides a fast way to get out, but it is not free. If you want to get out of jail through a bail bond agency, you will have to pay the necessary fees. Here are several things to understand about the costs of using a bail bond agent.

The Primary Cost Is the Agent's Fee

If you handle the bail bond correctly, you will pay just one fee for the services. The fee is for the bail bond agent's services, and it usually amounts to 10% to 15% of the bond amount. The court and jail set the bond amount for each case that comes through the system. People with serious charges or long records of charges might not have the option of bonding out. Anyone else typically will have the chance to bond out.

The first thing you must find out after your arrest is how much the bond is. The bond might be as low as $300. It could also be much higher than this amount. When you know the bond amount, you can contact a bail bond agent to ask for help. At that point, they will tell you the fee percentage, which will tell you how much you must pay for the services.

If your bond is $1,000 and the agent charges 15%, your cost will be $150. If you pay this amount, the bail bond agent will work on your case to help you get released quickly. This fee is the only fee you will pay if you follow through with the instructions after your release.

You Will Owe More If Your Skip Bail

It is also vital to realize that you could end up owing more money, but this will only occur if you skip bail. Skipping bail generally refers to missing court hearings for your case, but it can also refer to breaking the bail rules. If you do these things, you will owe the bail bond agent the full bond amount. If the bond amount was $1,000, you will owe this amount to the agent.

Using a bail bond agent is a great option when you need help getting out of jail, but it is also essential to follow the rules afterward.

To learn more, contact a licensed bail bond agency.