Preparing Pickup And Storage For Auction Fortunes

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Preparing Pickup And Storage For Auction Fortunes

14 June 2017
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

If you're going to an auction or estate sale, do you plan on only buying a few handheld objects? If your goals are much bigger in stature, such as hardwood furniture or major lots of coins that are too much to pack into a single car, you should always prepare for winning the big haul. No matter the auction type or you goals for the day, consider a few plans to put into action if you end up winning more than expected.

Local Transport Professionals

If you're not planning on buying huge furniture or a grand piano, why drive a huge moving truck or van around? There's no reason to, but there's always a chance that a highly valuable piece may find its way into your hands for next to nothing.

In these situations, Murphy's Law has a weird way of creeping up. In a perfect scenario, all you need to do is call a local team of movers and direct them to either a storage facility or some holding area that you rent or own. In reality, everything can go wrong from no movers being able to get there fast enough or no storage facilities being big enough or safe enough for your belongings.

No matter your planned haul, have an emergency plan for big moves in place. Call ahead to moving companies and storage facilities before an auction begins just to figure out if a truck needs to be on the way from outside of the local area, or if you need to arrange for airport or freight shipment. If you need to resort to these extreme options, it's better to have the idea in mind and a number ready to dial before winning instead of worrying about losing your winnings.

Handling Multiple Auction Areas At Once

You may have a few tips on great items in physically different locations. Auction representatives can help you by bidding in your place, and all it takes is an explanation of your buying profile.

If you know exactly which pieces you want to purchase, it's as simple as listing those items and explaining how high you're willing to go. These aren't just amateurs barking any random number; auction representation follows the art of a proper bid and understanding the different values involved. It's all about the auction price, the appraised price, and the personal price to you.

If you're a curious treasure collector, a category of items should be explained. It's better to discuss specific ideas such as coin collections, World War II memorabilia, ball-jointed dolls from Japan and Korea, or other item types. More abstract ideas such as "truly wonderful things" or "unique finds" are different from person to person, so spend more time discussing these interests and ideals rather than lectures and/or rote memorization.

Contact a team of auction representatives to discuss different ways to acquire, transport, or safeguard your auction discoveries.